Celebration Gopal Dagnogo 



Gopal Dagnogo 'Untitled' 2020 oil on canvas 150x150cm

All images © Galerie Le Sud, courtesy of Gopal Dagnogo


Born  1973 Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Lives & works between Abidjan & Paris

This exhibition showcases recent work by Paris based Ivorian artist Gopal Dagnogo. His recent work investigates celebration as a process. Dagnogo interrogates the chaos and banality as essential elements of celebration, the paintings have aspects of chaos and beauty. Against the beautiful flow in Dagnogo’s paintings he juxtaposes objects rather chaotically, however the disorderly placed objects are beautifully composed. His brush strokes are rigorous and the colors complementary, Dagnogo captures beauty in chaos.
A recurring theme in Dagnogo’s work is over consumption, which he demonstrates by painting hyper commercialised products such as Heineken. The chaos and beauty in Dagnogo’s paintings take on a certain poignancy during these uncertain times, he says that the
meaning of chaos is the „great havoc of elements and matter that preceded the creation of the world“ and the advent of a new era  that followed filled with beauty, poetry, art and light will come.