Eugenia A. Burgo
The Bloom Series  

Sep. 11 - Dec.23, 2020 

Once a year Galerie Le Sud features a local Swiss artist diverting from its usual African contemporary art program.

As implied by the exhibition title, the "bloom" series focuses on the stage in which nature shows itself from its most beautiful side. Colourful, lush and full of zest, the blooms vie for attention. The artist designs her work accordingly

intense and joyful, yet also as a final battle against ephemerality.

'' 2020 oil on canvas 135x200cm

All images © Galerie Le Sud, courtesy of Eugenia Burgo

Eugenia A. Burgo

Lives & works in Zurich, Switzerland

The works of Eugenia A. Burgo cleverly play with our perception. Her massive magnification of objects captures the eye. The pairing of intense colours with suggestive erotic forms and a play of light and shadow have a seductive effect on the eye of the observer. The large oil on canvas paintings are neither subtle nor delicate, but rather loud and powerful. Nevertheless, the possess an intimate quality, evoking tender feelings, for which we leave little room for in our everyday lives. Their compositions awaken the longing for an everyday sensuality that seems to have been lost to us.  Her works penetrate deep into our subconscious and thus create a balance in our emotional world. The large paintings lend beauty, but also strength and energy to the spaces that surround them. 

The exhibition opens on September 11th and runs until October 31st, 2020. 

* Vernissage September 10th at 17:00.

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'Comp. no. 4' 2019 oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm