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hako hannson

Born 1968 in Bamileke, Cameroon

Lives and works in Duala, Cameroon

Hako Hankson grew up under the influence of the art and tribal artistic practices. His father was an important man in his village in addition to being a sculptor and musician at the Royal Palace. Hako was therefore raised surrounded by objects of initiation rites: masks, statuettes, totems etc. used by his father. Many of which we can see in his work today.
           These sources of inspiration, inserted minutely into his work, plunge us into the magical universe of the characters of the tales and praises of his ancestors, thus brushing the line between profane and sacred.

Hankson does not only allow himself space and artistic practice he is aware of the infrastructural deficits, and he therefore transforms his studio into an art center: the "IN and OFF Art Center". The center provides a space for artists to showcase their work.


Artist statement

In my work I am narrating the duality between tradition and contemporaneity and I invite you to question"the ashes" of our past to draw from it, and above all redefine, our Africanity. I am looking for a future that includes both. Whether it is drawings, paintings, sculptures or any other artistic form, his approach and style are recognizable by the unity that emerges in his works.

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