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Pierre Mathieu

Born 1964, France.

Lives and works in Johannesburg







Res Gallery, Johannesburg South Africa, Individual exhibition “Balance or Transgression” paintings

Futuroscope Poitiers (France) In preparation

Beijing Museum (China) In Preparation




French Mozambican cultural centre Maputo Mozambique (CCCFM), Group show with Kester (sculptor) and Gonçalo Mabunda (sculptor),  “Casse du siècle” presenting paintings and sculptures made with scrap materials

Gallery Jane Griffiths, Val d’Isère France, group show “Diversidade”




GKM Gallery Malmoe (Sweden), group show “Black and white”

GKM Gallery Malmoe (Sweden), individual exhibition “Unstill Lives”, paintings

Gallery Jane Griffiths, Val d’Isère (France), group show

Franco Mozambican Cultural Centre Maputo, (Mozambique), group show




St'ART: Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg (France) represented by Jane Griffiths Gallery, individual exhibition Solo “Oil and Guns”

Obert Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg (South Africa), individual exhibition “Noir Désir”

Group show Gallery Jane Griffiths Val d’Isère (France)

Affordable Art Fair Geneva (Switzerland) and Paris (France) represented By Gallery Jane Griffiths




ARTENIM Grenoble: Contemporary Art Fair in Grenoble (France) with Galerie Jane Griffiths.

Group show gallery Jane Griffiths, Val d'isère (France)

Cruzamentos: Photographs exhibition together with Sculptor Gonçalo Mabunda and Photographer Mauro Pinto, Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre of Maputo, (Mozambique).




St'ART: Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg (France) represented by AD Gallery, together with: François BOISROND, Peter KLASEN, Rémi BLANCHARD, Hervé DI ROSA, Robert COMBAS, Maxime Lhermet et Alexandre Nicolas.

ArteNIm: Contemporary art fair in Nïmes (France) presented by AD Gallery together with: François BOISROND, Peter KLASEN, Rémi BLANCHARD, Hervé DI ROSA, Robert COMBAS and Maxime Lhermet.

ArteNim Grenoble: Contemporary art Fair in Grenoble (France) represented by the Jane Griffiths Gallery

Group show at the Jane Griffiths Gallery, Val d'Isère, (France)

( Other artists presented: Arman, Peter Klasen, Sam Francis, Claude Viallat, Patrick Chappert-Gaujal, Antonio de Felipe, Philippe Huart, Maria Manuela, William Sweetlove, Jan desmarets, Robert Combas, Dayot Sacomanno...

2 group shows at the Suty Gallery (, about the theme of New York (April 22- May 25) together with Cyril Anguelidis, Daniel Authouart, Lili Fantozzi Gérard Guyomard, Hélène Launois, Frédéric Oudrix, Sélim Saïah, and Tony Soulié.

And the Velvet Underground (June 3- July 8), together with a group of French and German artists: Myriam Baudin, Ulrike Beckmann, Pierre Chanoine, Florent Chopin, Raimund Friedrich, Aurélie Gravas, Gérard Guyomard, Sylvain Lang, Eric Liot, Marie Pittroff, Detlef Schweiger, Holger Wendland.




Galerie Jane Griffiths, group shows, Val d’Isère, (France)

Galerie Suty, group show, Trend Marks, Coye la Forêt (Région parisienne), (France)

Galerie 21, group show, Uzès, (France)

Rue des Arts, group show, Le Carla Bayle, (France)

Galerie A.D, group show, Béziers, (France)

Art Forum, group show, Béziers, (France)

StArt Strasbourg,  (France) November 2006 represented by “Galerie A.D” and by “Galerie 21”.




GKM Gallery, individual exhibition, “Border line” Malmö, (Sweden)

Kim Nörballe Gallery, individual exhibition, Middlefart, (Denmark)

Jane Griffiths Gallery, individual exhibition and group shows, Val D'Isère, (France)

Selart Gallery, group show, Stockholm, (Sweden)




La Galerie, Espace Gérard Philippe, La Garde (Var) (France), individual exhibition of recent paintings,

Daniel Besseiche Gallery, individual exhibition and group exhibition, Val D’Isère, (France),

Biennale D’art Contemporain, Dakar, (Sénégal)

Contemporary Art Centre, Group show, La côte Saint André (38), (France),

“Art Paris”, Contemporary Art Fair, GKM Gallery, Group show, Paris (France)

GKM Gallery, Group Show at “Spitz Gallery”, London, (England)





GKM Gallery, Malmö, (Sweden), Group show

J.F Gallery, Zurich, (Swizerland), individual exhibition: “Absolutely no moderation”,




GKM Gallery Malmö, (Sweden), Group show

Artenimes: Contemporary Art Fair (Nîmes, France), represented by JF Gallery, Zurich, (Switzerland)

Lisette Alibert Gallery, (Paris), Group show Montluçon Museum.




David Leonardis Gallery, Chicago Il, (USA) Recent paintings of nudes and abstract compositions

Sugar Hill Art Centre, Harlem / New York, (USA) Group show




Several home shows, New York and Washington D.C, (USA).

David Leonardis Gallery, Chicago Il, (USA), Group show, recent paintings.




The E.Loft Gallery, Washington D.C, (USA), 2 French artists Exhibition. Title of the Show: “ e.generation”.

The World Bank, Washington DC, (USA), Turn Of the Century: Reflections, Group Show by 20 artists from different countries.

David Leonardis Gallery, Chicago Il, (USA), 2 artists Show. Title of the Show: “Homage to Bastille Day”.

Mercedes Benz Art Space, New York, New York, USA Solo show, recent Works.




David Leonardis Gallery, individual exhibition, Chicago, Il (USA). Title of the Show: “Lions etc…” “Intercultural” individual exhibition, Washington, D.C, (USA).




David Leonardis Gallery, dual exhibition, Chicago, IL, (USA), Title of the Show: “ Morceaux de vie”

ST’ART 97, with gallery Didier Vesse, Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, (France).




Moscoso Gallery, Washington, D.C, (USA), exposition of recent works

Intercultural exhibition, Washington, D.C, (USA).





Salle Castellane, with Gallery Didier Vesse, Individual exhibition Montpellier, (France). Title of the Show: Primitives”.

“Art-Entreprise” Parc des Expositions, group show, Montpellier, (France).


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